Losing weight and dieting

We all watch TV, and if you see the morning workout programs, you may realize that you are overweight or even obese. In fact, today, many people want to be in perfect shape and have the body they desire. But how do you do it? There are not many options when it comes to losing weight, and the most common one that people decide on is dieting.

What is dieting?ikujhytgfr

Dieting is when you start on a strict regimen to eat only healthy food which reducing anything that contains carbohydrates that will add to your waistline. You will notice many diet programs being promoted if you do a little research on the internet. Let us look at a few programs that are making the rounds today.

The keto diet

One of the more popular weight and fat loss programs that many people turn to today is the keto diet. It is effectively where you deprive your body of any fat forming food that includes carbohydrates. While some people can be disciplined enough to stick to this others are not so sure. But how long can you stay in ketosis? In fact, this question may worry many of you as it will often require you to reduce your carb intake or stop altogether.

Ketosis is a process in which the body turns to stored fat for energy when there are no new carbs coming in through your food. It will continue to burn the body fat, and this will inevitably help you lose weight. Effectively, you can stay in ketosis for quite some time, but it is always good to have a day or two rest each week and take in some carbs to that your body does not go into shock.

Cabbage only diet

hytgrujkThis is one of the most extreme diet programs that you will find. It requires you to eat only cabbage and cabbage soup for the duration of the programs. You can, however, add other vegetables to the soup from time to time. A cup of boiled cabbage will contain about 8 grams of carbohydrates, and therefore it is said to help a person lose weight. However, This diet does inhibit you from taking in other forms of nutrients like proteins and vitamins that are crucial for the body to function. One cannot stay on this diet for too long as it may have adverse effects on the health.

Losing weight is a process, and you should not simply start on the latest fad. Approach it sensibly and try to maintain good habits.…

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