A Buying Guide For Motorcycle Seats Pads

You can only understand the soreness caused by a bike’s seat after riding a motorbike over long distances. This soreness can greatly be alleviated by purchasing and installing suitable motorbike seat pads for both the passengers and the riders. This pad can be installed easily by the motorcycle owner in a home garage. It is a simple process which involves clipping the pads to the seat. This is done by applying some considerable amount of force to ensure that the pads stick. The pads are secured to the seat by use of straps.

There are different types of seat pads. There made using different types of materials used in making the seat pads. As a motorbike owner, you are supposed to decide on the method of securing the pads to your seat. Most of the modern motorcycle seat pads are installed using a gel pad.

Types of motorbike seat pads

Before you buy the seat pad, you are required to choose the type of the pads which need to be installed. This means deciding on whether to install the passenger’s or the driver’s seat pad. You might also decide to install a sissy bar pad on your motor bike.

Driver seat pad

The driver’s seat pad is designed with a wedge shape. This is meant to ensure that it can fit properly in the driver’s seat. Additionally, there are some unique designs which can enable the driver to raise his or her height slightly while driving. This is something critical which need to be taken into account when purchasing the driver’s seat pads.

Sissy bar pad

These are special types of seat pads which allow the passengers to rest against them. They are mainly attached to the motorbikes bar to ensure that the passengers are comfortable.

Passenger seat pad

These pads are fastened on the provided seats. They can also be fixed on the rear fender by use of suction cups. There are some areas where the motorcycle drivers carrying passengers are required to have a license of carrying passengers.



Materials used in making of motorcycle seat pads

There are a variety of materials used in making the seat pads. The following are some of the common types of materials used in making the seat pads

Gel seat pad– this is helpful in protecting the backside of the rider from soreness. It is very effective in reducing soreness, and it should form part of the seat
Air seat pad– this is a special material which allows the rider to adjust the air pressure within his seat pad. It is light in weight, but it is not connected rigidly to the biker’s seat.
Sheepskin set pad– this will provide a warm felling in winter and a cool feeling in summer. You are required to cover it when it is raining.
Foam seat pad-this is a pad which utilizes a closed cell foam. It is very effective in distributing and spreading out weight across the seat…

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